Sell your Fairfield Connecticut Home For A Job Transfer

July 11, 2020


You been just offered a new job, that’s great right? The Problem it’s in another state and you own your home here in Connecticut.

You may be excited about the new career opportunity and the chance to relocate to somewhere else, different weather, for better or worse, new city, new sites to see, new people. There are so many hurdles to jump over between the day you get the offer letter and finally being settled in your new City, before you make any decisions, make sure you review the options you have for dealing with your current house.

How soon is the move?

This will most likely dictate your game plan on what to do with your current home.


1. You can always rent the property. While rental properties can bring on headaches of there own this may not be a bad option. More often than not the rental proceeds from the house will cover the existing mortgage and at the same timer you will be building up equity. However, being an absentee landlord can sometimes prove to be difficult there are many great property management companies here in Connecticut.

2. List the property, Hire a top real estate agent with a reputation for speed. A real estate agent with a proven track record can be a godsend when trying to sell a property quickly. However, the agent cannot guarantee that the property will sell in a certain time frame or that the property will even sell at all. Another down fall of an agent is that they cannot guarantee the price at which the property will sell. If certain is what you’re looking for this may not be your best option.

3. Sell the property directly to a cash home buyer. A home buyer will be able to provide you with an offer on your house in as little as 24 hours and normally close with in 2 weeks. If you’re just looking to get on your way and be done with the house this may be the best option as it leaves nothing for chance.

Other things to think about.

Moving costs vary depending on how much stuff you have, the distance of your move, which moving company you go with, and the time of year. These costs can vary between $5000-$12,000.
You can use this online moving cost calculator to get an idea of costs, and keep track of every expense, this will also help you out during tax time as most of these expenses can be written off.

Ask your employer about job relocation assistance.

About 70 percent of company’s offer relocation packages for employees, just like the job offer itself, your new job relocation package is negotiable, so speak up and make sure you agree on something that’s fits your personal and financial needs. Most companies will offer things such as, a visit to the new city to do some research for housing, vehicle relocation and other things associated with the move. In addition, some will cover moving costs, some companies even offer down payment assistance on a new home.